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WoM3 closes its gates
Hello everyone!

As you've read in the title already, this is going to be, probably, the last official announcement on WoM3.

Unfortunately, we see ourselves forced to close the project as it is not sustainable anymore, we cannot afford it. From the moment this thread is published, our Item Mall will no longer be accessible and WoM3 will be terminated on the 1st of March of the present year.

This, I bet, hurts us more than yourselves. We've never closed a server before without merging it with the main one. Somehow our legacy survived through that method, although it is not going to be the case this time.

From the beginning, we had couple of things clear. We wanted to create an enhanced version of WoM2. We wanted to fix and balance the game as much as possible, tweaking things that on WoM2 wouldn't be feasible. So we did, and we are proud of that.

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WoM3 Development Plans - Q1 of 2020
Dear community,

This new year of 2020 just started and, as such, we want to do it right from the beginning. On this thread, you'll see what our goals are for the first quarter of the year, and of course you'll be allowed to input your thoughts, ideas and suggestions afterwards on the discussion thread.
We could go onto the next step already and provide the plans we have for the whole year but... it's risky to aim that big since things might change mid-road.

*Player Guidelines
*Chaos Metins & Treasure Rooms
*General Improvements

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Winter Lottery 2019

Dear Players!

Winter is here, what's better than boiled wine and a little lottery to warm you up during this holiday season full of cinnamon scent (?) :love: ????
From today Dec 28th 18:00 CET until 4th of Jan 2020 18:00 CET (17:00 GMT) while killing monsters within your level range you might find some of the lottery tickets, each with an unique number of fortune. Keep these tickets until the event finishes on. Once that happens, we will announce 20 lucky numbers in game, here in this thread and also Facebook, Discord and our Instagram page.

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Christmas Event 2019

Ho Ho H.. *cough* *cough* Ho!

Christmas is almost here guys! Lights are up, food smells good, we are just missing some snow and a festive event!
Let's have both then!

Christmas Stockings
Any of you remember the last time you collected Stockings to place them on your Christmas Tree? Now it's the time to do it again!
Monsters will be dropping Christmas Stockings. Collect as much as you can, so you can exchange them for a Fancy Gift Box on the Christmas Tree !

Octavio's Christmas Cookie Craze
Gordon Rams... I mean, Octavio's Christmas Cookies are back! The best cook in the Johwan Continent is eager to prepare delicious sweets! But... His recipe has been stolen!
Retrieve Stolen Baking Recipes from any monster and get enough ingredients to bake your own Christmas Cookies , Octavio will make sure you have the rest you need!

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