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v2.7 Update

Dear community,

Yet another update arriving to WoM3 tonight! Here's the list of things we addressed:
Corrected several typos and mistaken mentions about the predecessor server of WoM3 in a couple of quests;
Amended the reward for Assassins and Suras in the Lv44 mission, named The Treasure Map of the Bookworm;
It is not possible to request a pet name with special characters anymore;
Ghost Forest has been added as an option on the Teleporter, from level 60;
Fixed a visual glitch where Mining Relic would be used on both hands on Assassins and Shamans;
Fixed another visual issue whereas the price of several items wouldn't be shown on private shops, stating that the item couldn't be sold instead;
Various Metin and Vein spawns have been sorted out not to trigger in unreachable areas;
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It's time for WoM3 Video Contest!

Dear Players,

With start of summer, we want to give you opportunity to show your artistic skills which means we are announcing official video contest takes place now on WoM!

- The video should be uploaded on your youtube channel,
- The video must be recorded starting 14.06.2019 00.00 CEST until 28.06.2019 23.59 CEST,
- The recordings must be taken only from our server and it can be a mixtape or lets play,
- The created video must have a minimum length of 2:00 minutes and a maximum length of 8:00 minutes.

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Ramadan Event 2019

Dear Players,

Ramadan has arrived at WoM3! A brand new, simple but enjoyable event, presenting new costume sets and a lovely camel pet!
This event will last in total 9 days!

1st Phase will last from Sunday, May 26th 16:00 CEST until Saturday, June 1st 16:00 CEST
In this phase you can drop Bread and Donation Plates from Monsters, Bosses and Metin Stones!
you can exchange them at Octavio for Food Donation.
For each Food Donation delivered by dragging on Taurean NPC. he will reward you with Ramadan Box!

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v2.6 Update

Dear players,

Here it comes one of the most awaited updates so far! With it, we addressed these points:
Summon items are no longer working inside dungeon instances;
Chaos Fragments are no longer obtainable in dungeon instances;
Heaven's Lair monsters have received Ice and Lightning elements;
Tanaka Pirate's texture has been amended;
Dino pet got its collision removed;
Implemented Soul Crystal Armillae. A new type of Soul Crystal bracelet available to craft in the Alchemist;
Bamboo Bell and Dragon Jaw Bell had their Attack Values adjusted in order to progress more logically across the board;
Goldfishes are not obtainable anymore;

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