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Summer Sale +20% DC!

Dear Players,

From today, 12th of July at 18:00 CEST(16:00 GMT) until the 19th of July at 18:00 CEST(16:00 GMT) we are running a Summer Sale, just on time to get you in shape for the summer! All the Dragon Coins purchases made within these seven days will be rewarded with +20% DC !

Note: on Xsolla payment system its -20% direct price cut, epayouts same price +bonus dc displayed.

Enjoy and have fun,
The WoM Team
v3.3 Update

Dear players,

We are still listening to you! That's right!

Despite being somewhat short, the v3.3 update comes with a bunch of suggestions you, players, did! As stated in The Developer's Diary, we aim to read and address more suggestions, that are still on their way, and we wait for this sub-forum to be used as much as it has been used lately.

That being said, update includes:
Tamer Scrolls now reset maxed pet traits;​
Pet Devolvers now trigger a confirmation window upon using;
The fact that mount skins are lost in the process was something our community wasn't aware of. To avoid confusions, a popup window will appear for the player to answer, stating that said result is expected.​

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Summer Event 2019!

Hot Damn,

The Summer event is here and we know you are melting for rewards!

Starting from today 12th July at 21:00 CEST players will be able to drop Ice Cream from monsters which can be exchanged at Octavio for a cool Frozen Box at the rate of 5x Ice Cream for 1x Frozen Box.
Make haste and drop as many Ice Creams as possible to unlock the second phase of the event which will trigger when the total drop of Ice Creams will reach the count of 10.000, then you will also get Half-Watermelon and Half-Coconut from the mobs which will invigorate your characters.

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v3.2 Update

Dear players,

We are glad to present you the v3.2 update as a quick, yet simple, reply from the staff of the server to the first wave of surveys we've received.
As such, this is the list of changes we did:
Improved slightly the general rates of experience, item drop and shop time;
We are up to improve the server and making it a bit easier, not only for starters, but also for our current players to enjoy it even more. The server's difficulty was a somewhat controversial topic and the amount of surveys we've received talking about it was impressive.​
Increased the overall rate of experience, for players and pets;​
Increased the general rate of item drop and, specifically, of Soul Stones;​
Increased the rate of shop time and reduced its decay per hour.​
The normal biologist's quests had their waiting times removed;​
The collection of gems had their waiting times reduced;

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