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WoM3 Launch Keynotes

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Dear players,

the moment we've all been waiting for is close at hand. WoM3 will open it's gates soon and on this occasion we'd like to share a few tidbits of news with you.

First off, the Dragon Soul Alchemy system will not be available at launch. We want to keep things a little simple for the start and figured this would be a good thing to do. It will be introduced to WoM3 at a later date.
Higher level Spirit Stones now also require a higher level of gear to be able to slot it into.

Next we would like to talk about one class relevant update we will make here: The light mage's skill "Nature's Enchantment" has received the following additional effect:
"Increases all damage dealt." - It will work as a percentage, has the same greater effect on Shamans perk and will be present alongside it's original Attack Value+ bonus.

In order to make the Bonus Cascading system more visible to the player, every maxed out bonus on an item will be displayed in a different color to signalize it's the highest it can be.

Lastly, and we know you've been waiting for this all along, we'll talk about the gear changes made in WoM3. Changes were made (either in part or in full) to the following sets of gear:
- Lv70 Weapons
- Lv75 Weapons
- Lv80-92 Weapons
- Lv90-105 Weapons
- Aqua Armors
- Lv80+ Accessories
- Soul Crystal Accessories
- Nemere's Lair Items

Which changes, you might ask? That you'll still have to find out for yourself. Sorry not sorry. :p Wouldn't want to take away all of the surprises.

With regards,
The WoM Team
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