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Welcome in the WoM3 forum,

We open this server as a reflection of our long-standing efforts in the metin scene, with the experience we gained we are glad to bring life into the server you've all been waiting for. Unleash your inner Dragon and conquer the WoM3 World starting on 19th April. Are you hyped yet? you better be!

Stay Tuned for more news about WoM3 !
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Since the opening is near, I'm clarifying the opening times:

Western European Time (WEST)

Lisboa, London

Friday, 17:00

Central Europe Time (CEST)

Warszawa, Berlin, Madrid, Budapest

Friday, 18:00

East Europe Time (EEST)

București, İstanbul

Friday, 19:00

Gulf Standard Time (GST)


Friday, 20:00

Korean Standard Time (KST)


Saturday, 1:00