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v6.5 - Into the Depths - Part II


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Dear players,

Following the first part of the Into the Depths update on v6.0, we are, finally, prepared to launch the next step.

The Deungsan Peaks
A quiet mountain range connecting the Deungsan region to the coastline up north. While once a quiet place inhabited by farmers and animals, a mysterious tower-like structure hidden within the mountains has brought an immense onslaught of demons and mutated animals with it.

The Deungsan Peaks are a new high level end game map accessible, from the Deceitful Forest, after clearing all of the expeditions taken there.
Unlike the Deceitful Forest, the Peaks are not a Hazardous Area, though should you prepare for the battles there!

The Deungsan Peaks are known to be a zone rich of veins. However, differently than we are all used to, the ores gathered from veins are the source for crafting upgrade materials, strongly necessary to refine your equipment.
Seek for Veins of Titanium Ore and Veins of Coarse Rock and, once done, visit the Journeying Merchant so that he goes forth the transformation process.

New gear for you to acquire is available once again. Defeat the enemies within the Deungsan Peaks to get ownership of the Peaks set. But it's not ending there!
Seon-Pyeong seems to have discovered a new way to upgrade your Dark Dragon artillery into Enigmatic weapons! Pay him a visit and get to know what do you need to improve your strength and combat skills, in order to survive the fierce fights approaching.

Help the wanderers of this area and get well paid for the job. The pain these poor people suffer due to the darkness grown in the mountains is unbelievable.
Meet them, lend them a hand, and prove your skill.

The update is scheduled to run on Thursday, 12nd of December of 2019, but could be delayed until Saturday, 14th of December of 2019, if necessary.

Best regards,
The WoM Team.


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In addition:
  • Secondary skills' books have been made stackable.
  • General rework on David's cube recipe.
  • Crafting Titanium Ore and Coarse Rock now has a cost of 10.000 Yin.
  • Bagjanamu and Mushroom Queen now drop coffers instead of raw loot.
  • Fixed spawns of Metin Stones on the Deungsan Peaks.
  • Fixed Shaman buffs not casting on selected target players while on group.


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  • Amended Metin Stones' spawns on the Deceitful Forest.
  • Increased the chance of acquiring Flame Stone on Razador's Coffer.
  • Fixed a bug with the offline shop system in which offline time farmed wouldn't be saved if the user never opened a private shop.
  • Minor technical and performance wise modifications.
  • Moderately improved the rate of Enigmatic Ore and Vivid Energy Crystal from the Green Dragon's coffer.
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