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v6.1 Update

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Dear community,

Today with the v6.1 Update we're pleasured to bring you the following set of content:

Private Shops
  • Private Shops size has been expanded from 45 slots to 135.
  • Slots are divided by pages. Meaning there is a total of 3 pages available on your shops.
  • The third page is only unlockable through Bundle+ from Item Mall.
    • Currently, everyone owning a Shop Skin have the third page available.
    • It's a temporary effect, which means as soon as it expires, dragging items into the third page will no longer be possible - however buyers can still see items there and buy them.
  • Minor fixes related to Private Shop's offline time.

Johwan Continent Map
  • The teleport map is accessible from the "T" button located around the minimap.
    • Can be accessed anywhere.
  • Almost every area from the Teleporter is available in the Map.
  • The cost of teleporting is 10x higher than with the common Teleporter.
  • Areas on which the level of player is not enough to teleport are not available.
    • They will be unlocked as soon as the minimum level is reached. For example: Cape, from level 90.
  • Besides teleporting, it also provides some basic information about dungeons.

Other Modifications and Corrections
  • All kinds of Cor Draconis are now tradable.
  • The chance to drop Lilac Bonus Adders on Metin Stones has been slightly reduced.
  • The Deceitful Forest has now a portal at the entrance to get back to Johwa City.
  • Insanity Boots now grant Wind Resistance besides Earth Resistance.
  • Slotting ores into Alraune's accessories is no longer possible.
  • Pig Nose and Savage's Booty have been removed from the loot tables.
  • Polymarbles now tell from which level one can be used.
  • Phoenix Art Books and Upgrade Compasses are now stackable.
  • The horse will remain summoned even after teleporting.
  • Players do not collide with pets and mounts anymore, anywhere.
  • Updated prices in Primal Law Shop.
  • Fixed invisibility bug upon (re)logging in.
  • Fixed the description of items in the exchange window's logs.
  • Fixed a visual issue related to Bonus Cascading which considered all the bonuses of a Lv110 item capped.
  • Fixed the Kirin Horse Missions.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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Dear players,

We are now holding a quick maintenance to tackle the following deck of content:
  • Fixed item-link issues on the second and third pages of the Private Shops.
  • Fixed item description window on the Private Shop Editor not hiding when hovering in-out over an item.
  • Non-evolvable pet seals can now be equipped in an additional slot of the equipment window.
  • Non-evolvable pet seals' timer only counts down when the pet is summoned - which translates into the equipped item.
  • Non-evolvable pets keep summoned after teleporting.
  • Existing pet seals - ingame - got their timer restored to 7 days.
The maintenance is expected to take around 40 minutes.

Kind Regards,
The WoM Team.


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Dear players,

We have come into a decision regarding the pet system. And it will function as follows:

Meaning, you can pick yourselves the duration of the Pet, in a range of 10 to 30 hours.
The current pets in the game right now will have their timers reduced to the equivalent time of 150 DCs (12h 30min) - which was the price everyone who got them paid for.

This will be available starting tomorrow.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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