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v6.0 Update - Into the Depths - Part I

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Dear players,

with the next update we will be rolling out the first part of the "Into the Depths" expansion to the game, which will include the following new content:

New Map: The Deceitful Forest
Accessible from Lv100, this treacherous forest is suffering from a curse laid by the Queen of Insanity, named Alraune. It's our first instance of a new map-dungeon hybrid concept called "Hazardous Areas". Similar to Nemere, you are placed on a time limit (in this case of 1 hour, this may change in a future update) once you enter and certain quests might require you to get the job done in a single visit. Once your timer hits low you have to leave the area to let it recharge. In it you'll find new danger, new challenges but also new loot to make yours.

Advanced Horse Training
Hazardous areas are not suitable for mere mortal horses and pets, as such they can not be summoned inside a hazardous area. You must train your horse to become as gods with the Kirin Level Horse Training up to Lv30. At Lv30 your horse will ascend to Kirin Form, get a powerful new look and most importantly gain the ability to be summoned inside a hazardous area.

To train your horse to Kirin Level you will need to combine Kirin Shards obtained from DD metins with horse medals to produce an Advanced Horse Medal. Speak with the stable boy to obtain further details on the Kirin Level Horse Training.

New Passive Skill: Resurrection
Hazardous areas are even more treacherous in that should you fall in battle, you will be penalized with some time lost before the curse forces you out. In order to help you survive in the new environment, Uriel has uncovered the secret art of Resurrection. With it you may revive a fallen other player and avoid the penalty of time lost in the area. New books are obtainable for this passive skill to increase its restoration effect and shorten its cooldown.

In addition
  • The level cap has been increased to Lv110
  • Many new items and materials have been implemented
  • New quests, including Expeditions, a new type of quest, have been added
    • Expeditions are quests inside Hazardous Areas that have to be completed in a single visit of the Hazardous Area
  • NPCs that can walk now have a restriction on how far they can walk from their point of origin, therefore, Shabby will no longer try to find the Lost Pony in your stead. (among some others)
As this update features a lot of new base systems, we will be rolling out the other standard features of the maps over time so we can make sure the servers can handle the stress. These are a list of features that will be made available in future parts of the 'Into the Depths' update:
  • Slotting ores into new accessories
  • Obtaining the new pearl equivalents
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Chaos Metins

Private Shops
Not related to the expansion itself, but changes on this system are also coming along with it.
The whole concept of Offline Time has been totally reworked, and now functions as follows:
  • The online decay introduced on a previous update is gone
  • Offline time is no longer refilled by the total activity time gained on a day
  • Consumption of offline time is now accurate
    • Which means 1h offline irl corresponds to 1h offline time consumed
    • A grace period exists to identify whether the player logout was or not intended, so the countdown does not start right away
  • The visual representation of offline time in the UI is now in pair with the current values of offline time the shop has
  • Maximum offline time you can gain per activity is of 3h with Season Pass, 1h and 30min without
    • Meaning you can gain up to 12h a day of offline time if you do all of the activities
      • Normal farming (monsters, stones, bosses)
      • Normal PvP
      • Guild Wars PvP
      • Mining / Fishing
  • Maximum offline time a shop can have in total is 16h, without counting Premium Time

The update is scheduled to run on Thursday, 7th of November 2019, but could be delayed until Friday, 8th of November of 2019, if necessary.

Best regards,
The WoM Team.


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Advanced Horse Training
  • Increased the chance to drop Kirin Shards.

Private Shops
  • Fixed offline time gathered not being stored if not owning a shop.
  • Unlocked activity limitation.
    • Caps are now reachable by executing a single activity (either farming, mining/fishing or by dueling). However, once reached, that activity is no longer available as source of offline time until the next day.
      In short, you can farm 8h/16h offline time daily by defeating monsters and/or metin stones.

  • Fixed a core crash upon dispelling a clean (non-buffed) enemy.
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