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v5.2 Update

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Dear community,

As usual the update brings several corrections, adjustments and something really really juicy!

  • Fixed the Earth Dragon malfunction: apparently it would never trigger the Earthquake skill. As a result, it would never inflict the Inner Decay effect​
  • Fixed an issue where the Mage Buffs would not be casted on the group members if the Leader was not online​
  • Fixed the misleading Biologist texts on the Plague Notice mission​
  • Fixed several client crashes and bugs generated by the Translation System​
    • Puzzle Boxes​
    • OX Event​
    • Weddings​
    • And many more​
  • Several Experience Rings have been turned into Experience Bracelets​
    • As it is possible to stack the (irremovable) Exp Ring with any other. With this you know for sure which items stack with each other​
  • The drop chance of Nocturnal Artisan Stone has been increased on Chaos Metin stones
  • The Pet experience rate has been doubled - which means, it is double as easy to level up pets
  • Implementation of the Loot Filtering Option
    • It is accessible from the Game Options
    • Allows to select which kind of items a player do NOT want to pick by pressing the hotkey Z
    • Picking up loot with a mouse click ignores the filter options
  • Implementation of the new Season Pass along with a new Costume set as reward

That's that everyone!
We truly hope you enjoy these changes. It ain't much, but it's honest work!

Much Love,
The WoM Team.
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