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v5.1 Update

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Dear players,

The following update addresses several issues faced by our community, but not just that. We recently had closed a poll with a couple suggestions given by you guys.
After this, we tackled the features we consider the best to be part of this update, however it's not ending here! There are much more things to come, besides:
  • Mages' buffs can now affect all the members of a group
    • The caster doesn't need to target the members
    • Everyone must be close enough for this to take action
  • Dragon Soul Alchemy System modifications
    • Improvements on the Alchemy Refinement Window
      • Class and Clarity windows had their slots increased to 15
      • It is possible to refine more than one Alchemy Stone at once
      • It doesn't affect the Strength refinement nor the Fusion
    • Cor Draconis stones have been made stackable
    • Only affects equipment
    • Searching for gear yields now a window where bonuses and amounts can be selected
    • It is not possible to pick bonuses if the item has them as standard
    • Finds any occurrence if the amount of a bonus is equal or higher to the one selected by the user
  • Translation System
    • Several fixes have been made regarding this matter:
      • The exchange window now prints the correct logs
      • Potion of Binding can now be used again
      • Donating experience to a Guild no longer crashes the client
      • Much more adjustments and crash fixes
      • Events have been also translated: Primal Law, Overlord Race, OX Event, Dojang
      • New language available in the client: Turkish

With this update, we hope to improve your experience a bit more, and we are ready to bring you more!
Kind Regards,
The WoM Team.


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Hello everyone,

We are holding a maintenance tonight at 01:00 CEST, duration of ~30 minutes. The purpose of it is to tackle a couple of issues we consider urgent to take care about:
  • Mages can now buff others and themselves without the need of a group
  • Hourglass Sand now works again as intended

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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