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Dear community,

Today's update is somewhat big. As usual, you can expect corrections and improvements on the game, but, more than that, we are officially releasing the very first version of the Translation System of the game.
The system is huge. As such, we did everything we could to test it and make sure there are not noticeable issues, or rather, issues that turn the game unplayable. However, as stated above, this is the very first version of it and it requires improvements, fixes, changes and many more things to reach its full potential. Things that we are confident to achieve quickly, with your help - of course.

So without further ado, we bring to you:

  • Fireland's sky color. It is no longer black-ish
  • Several Metin Stone spawn points in Ghost Forest, not to spawn on walls, objects nor mountains

  • The mission Journal of the Witch suffered a couple text corrections to make it clearer
  • A few quest items have been made Bound for the sake of the completion of quests
  • Selling equipment with at least 4 bonuses on a NPC-shop is no longer possible
  • The respawn timer of the Spider Queen has been reduced on the first level of the Spider Dungeons
  • Erebus and Lord's Minions no longer drop Yang bombs
  • Various drop and loot modifications
    • Chaos Metin of Pride
      • Blacksmith's Ingenuity is now a possible drop
    • Lv90 Biologist Quest
      • Chief Orc, Ghost Leader, Yellow Tiger, Queen Spider, Giant Turtle, Flame King and Nine Tails no longer drop Plague Notices
        • Instead, they are acquirable from Arges, Lemures Royal, Bone Face, General Kappa, Rakshasa and Gargoyle
      • Yellow Tiger and Nine Tails no longer drop the Soul Stone of said mission
        • Can be received from Aqua Dragon, Azrael, Elite Martyaxwar, Elite King Crab, Elite King Wobba and Elite Lemures Prince
    • Aqua Dragon's Coffer
      • Slightly increase the odds for Claws and Scales
    • Death Reaper's Chest
      • General rework
      • Weapons and Armors can be acquired at +4
      • Improved the chances for Hermit's Advice, Exorcism Scroll and Bonus Changers
    • Azrael's Treasure Coffer
      • Reduced the amount of Spirited Silver Ore
      • Enhanced the drop of Firm Soul Crystal Piece
    • Glaciers' Treasure Chest
      • Slightly reduced the chance for Knight's Horn
      • Added Time Elixir(L) and Antique Cor Draconis into the box
  • Hunting quests now show you a bunch of locations for the monsters players have to hunt
    • Applies only if the player is on a map where such monster spawns and if the area has a Large Map
  • Implementation of the Translation System
    • Quests' text now render instantly
    • Translates monsters and NPCs' names
    • Translates missions and interactions between the user and NPCs / Items
    • Translates messages inside dungeon instances
    • Only Romanian available, yet

That's pretty much it!
Again, we are expecting to find minor problems with the Translation System, so do not forget to report all of them if you find them!

Much love,
Your WoM Team.
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Hello everyone!

We are holding a very quick maintenance tonight at 01:00am CEST, with an estimated duration of 40 minutes.
On this maintenance we will take the opportunity to address the following things:
  • The duration of the skills Dance with Wind and Natures Enchantment have been increased to be in pair with Dragon Mages' buffs
  • The Giant Turtle is no longer resistant to Swords, Daggers, Bells, Fans and Arrows
  • The General Store now sells +6 accessories and a pack of 50 Return Scrolls
  • General fixes regarding the Translation System
    • Fixed translation glitches: Ice Witch's global message, and several more related to the Earth Dragon Dungeon
    • Fixed crashes on several missions, on Nemere Lair and on Taurean's Pot Game
    • Fixed a bug on the Secret Stash mission where clicking on target NPCs wouldn't let players interact with anything else
  • Improvements on the Dojang Event

With love,
The WoM Team.


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Dear community,

We are holding a maintenance tonight at ~00:00 CEST, with an estimated duration of 1 hour.
The goal of this update is to resolve a bunch of game-breaking issues on the translation system, as well as a few improvements:
  • Fixed more client crashes due to the translation system
  • Fixed an issue with Puzzle Boxes not recognizing the answers properly and considering them all as incorrect
  • Fixed an issue regarding multi-lined texts being displayed wrongly
  • Beginning of the translation of several game events
  • Removed the language selection option from the System Settings
  • Removed all the old, crappy and incorrect client translations (German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, ...)
  • Introduced language selection on the Login Window - only English and Romanian available for the time being
  • System messages are now translated as well

That's everything to expect today with this quick maintenance, we will give some more news, about what is about to come, real soon.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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