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v3.4 Update

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Dear players,

We are eager to bring you the v3.4 version of the game coming with cool improvements and long awaited fixes!
  • The very first mission now provides a weapon +9, Horse Flutes and 3 days of Mall Bonuses;
    • It is not available on existing accounts.
  • Drop of Lv75 and Lv80 Metin Stones has been improved;
    • Added Bravery Capes, Thief's Glove and Experience Ring.
  • Researcher's Elixir has been added as drop in the Naaga Dungeon while Heavenly Peach has been added in Demon Tower as compensation for the removal of the Experimental Wines;
  • Large map is no longer shown by default;
  • Zen Beans can now be stacked;
  • Fixed the inconsistent behavior of the quest button;
  • Fixed the fog system and its system options;
  • The cooldown after finishing the Baroness' Spider dungeon can no longer be bypassed;
  • Fixed an issue wherein aggressive monsters would try to attack dead characters;
  • Fixed the damage reduction triggered upon polymorphing and having a Vitality Stone active;
    • Polymorph no longer resets the effects of Vitality Stone.
  • Fixed the mages' attack speed bug ignoring a combo hit while mounted and using bells as weapons;
    • High values of attack speed would make the game ignore the 4th combo hit. This is due to the animation speed being already fast. As such, the interval between one combo and another has been slightly increased, in order to give the client enough time to process all the hits;
    • As a compensation for the DPS loss, we've given a little damage boost in all of the hits.
  • Fixed the infinite dispell bug;
  • Introduced events reworks:

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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