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v3.3 Update

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Dear players,

We are still listening to you! That's right!

Despite being somewhat short, the v3.3 update comes with a bunch of suggestions you, players, did! As stated in The Developer's Diary, we aim to read and address more suggestions, that are still on their way, and we wait for this sub-forum to be used as much as it has been used lately.

That being said, update includes:
  • Tamer Scrolls now reset maxed pet traits;​
  • Pet Devolvers now trigger a confirmation window upon using;
    The fact that mount skins are lost in the process was something our community wasn't aware of. To avoid confusions, a popup window will appear for the player to answer, stating that said result is expected.​
  • Polymorphing can now be removed directly from its effect icon;
    Yep! Click on the polymorph icon up in the left corner. You will be asked if you want to quit being transformed, and, if you do, it will be done instantly! No need to get killed or go the village anymore! Handy, right?​
  • The block-an-annoying-player feature now affects the call chat;
    Blocking another player will make it impossible for it to whisper you and you won't see their chat messages either. It doesn't affect the Trade Chat, though.​
  • Demon Tower tweaks;
    We modified the drop formula of the 7th and 8th floors. There was, indeed, something strange with it, and if unlucky, it could take you an eternity to move forward with the run. We improved it, it's easier, faster, and, in the worst case scenario, you won't rage quit.​

That's all, folks!

With love,
The WoM Team.


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Dear players,

In addition to the DT changes made with this update, fake keys will no longer drop from every Ghost on the 8th floor. It causes a lot of unnecessary littering and so fake key drops will now be a bit more few and far between. Rest assured that this behavior is intended should you be surprised.

With regards,
the WoM Team
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