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v3.2 Update

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Dear players,

We are glad to present you the v3.2 update as a quick, yet simple, reply from the staff of the server to the first wave of surveys we've received.
As such, this is the list of changes we did:
  • Improved slightly the general rates of experience, item drop and shop time;
    We are up to improve the server and making it a bit easier, not only for starters, but also for our current players to enjoy it even more. The server's difficulty was a somewhat controversial topic and the amount of surveys we've received talking about it was impressive.​
    • Increased the overall rate of experience, for players and pets;​
    • Increased the general rate of item drop and, specifically, of Soul Stones;​
    • Increased the rate of shop time and reduced its decay per hour.​
  • The collection quests had their waiting times reduced;
    To complement the modification previously mentioned, it was necessary to tackle the Biologist quests as well. Since, currently, a normal character's progression is already way too fast in comparison with the progression of said missions.​
    • The normal biologist's quests had their waiting times removed;​
    • The collection of gems had their waiting times reduced;
      • Successful delivery: 4h;​
      • Unsuccessful delivery: 1h 30m to 2h.​
    • Experimental Wines have been removed from the game.​
      • To compensate, we are giving 5 Moonlight Box for each Experimental Wine. And 25 for each Experimental Wine+.​
  • Lost King's Treasure Map is now available in the Shop Search;​
  • Dispelling Brand's side effect no longer works in monsters;​
    • It still deals damage, however it will not remove their weapon resistances anymore.​
  • Several items' descriptions have been reworked;​
  • Assigned Gold, Silver and Bronze marks to the previous Season PvP winners;​
    • The ranking will be available in our website in short time as well as the proper Statue in the game.​
  • Introduction of the Summer Event.
    • It will start once a proper thread about it is written. But worry not! You're getting your Ice Creams, Watermelons and Coconuts real soon!​

We are not done yet!
Our team is still awaiting for more surveys from our community! This was not a huge update, that's true. Some of you were probably expecting other kind of changes maybe, but this is just the start.
The WoM3 Survey is still alive until this Friday, 12th July, and we need more and more opinions to get even more accurate results! Help us level up and make your game experience better!

Kind Regards,
The WoM Team.
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