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v3.0 Update - Discussion Thread


  • Golden Dragon Head drop's ownership is now randomly assigned to a player;
I kinda feel that this change discourages the teamwork - cooperation aspect of the earth dragon. I mean you are suppose to split the drops equally right??
And lets say okay we make heads with random dropped for players. Why not making this for the Soul of the dragon too??

  • Added Red Potion(XL) to the game. Can be found in the General Store's shop;

Loved the XL red pots addition. It was extremely painfull to use L red pots in high level when you have 20k+ hp and that lead to an extreme raise of the Red Dragon Blessings prices. You guys are geniuses.

  • Implementation of a new collection of epic Shoes: Misery Shoes, Vain Shoes, Sage's Death Shoes and Predator Shoes.
    • Minimum level 85;
    • Upgradable from shoes of level 75 in Seon-Pyeong;
    • Refineable at the normal Blacksmith;
    • Brand new materials ready to be dropped:
      • Emblem of Dark Descent;
      • Emblem of Dark Abyss;
      • Living Leaf;
      • Living Branch;
      • Heavenly Steel;
      • Heavenly String;
      • Heavenly Leather.
Is it possible to get an updated wiki info about the new boots?? And the materials needed as well (Where we drop them etc)

  • Added a new set of costumes specific for winners of the Dojang;