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v2.6 Update - Discussion Thread


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Alchemy - Big meh - So shit.
Nice to see bells is getting a boost - I hope it will be a good boost.

Make sense to remove goldfishes, since you lowered skill dmg in 105 items as well - But also bad, fishing it's an okay profit way to make money, but that you take a fish away, decrease the profitability.

Good to see you are starting the event on Sunday first - So people can enjoy their weekends 🥰🥰


What happened with bamboo bell ? I hope you didn't decrease its damage because it was already low... i barely could hit 3.6k critical damage with biologist missions untill lv 70 and 15% cristal...


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Not bad, but it would have been nicer if the event started today because sunday is such a day where you just hate the day because many people have to work Monday