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v2.0 Update

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Dear players,

after the maintenance on May 3rd 2019, the following things will be addressed:

  • Chaos Fragment drop rates have been slightly raised for higher levels and slightly lowered for lower levels;
  • Stats of human mobs in Heaven Lair have been changed to be closer to official's values;
  • Weapon drop rate from Zin Heavens Monsters within Heaven's Lair 2 has been raised;
  • The droprate of some low level upgrade items with limited purposes has been lowered slightly;
  • The drops of some of the Dark Dragon's metins have been adjusted to avoid excess littering;
  • Fisherman's "Fishing Challenge" mission now awards the player with a random Lv30 weapon;
  • Fixed male Mage being pushed back whenever it gets hit by mobs;
  • Improvements on Deungsang Citadel, more path choices and walkable areas, making it easier to get around;
  • Resolved minimal issues with the chat's item-linking;
  • Fixed critical problems on the Bonus Cascading System and made it so Lv80 equipment can actually get maxed level bonuses;
  • Spawn time of first villages' metins is slightly increased to bring it back to normal. Some entropy added to the timings and areas;
  • Drop rate of medals adjusted, was temporarily raised to accommodate for the number of players needing them;
  • Contents of the Moonlight Treasure Box have been changed;
  • Removed Easter Event leftovers.
With regards,
The WoM Team
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Hello again folks!

You have probably noticed we ran into a couple of issues around the server, and we took this chance to apply the following additional measures:
  • Some more private shops have been moved from CH1 to CH2. Beware of this, because yours might be one of them!
  • Using the trade chat now charges 1 Yin to the player.


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Hey community!

We apologize for the frustration caused by this maintenance, and I'll forward to explain you the situation we faced.
Besides the patch-server issues, which were caused by a huge amount of simultaneous connections, a sneaky critical bug leaked in the live server, and forced us to shut it down immediately.

The bug consisted on losing bonuses from our items when switching them, or adding some more. At this point you may have realized the chaos this would've caused if we didn't take action in the next seconds after the first report.

Hopefully (and ironically), thanks to the amount of players freezed by the patcher - disallowing them to connect into the server -, a really tiny group of players (perhaps only 1 or 2) were affected and these situations are most likely going to be sorted out.

Once again, our apologies for this situation and for the lack of information.

Server is now back again!
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