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Dear diary... I mean, players!

After thinking it through, realized this kind of thread is necessary in order to feed our community with much more data about the works occurring behind the scenes.
Having stated its purpose, the following post is going to provide a few spoilers and explanations about our next plans.

If you have been paying attention to the recent Update Notes, you may have noticed there is a section called "What's next?" in some of them. Said section will be moved to this collection thread as well.

Nonetheless you should never expect daily posts in here. We are only sharing information whenever we have and are allowed to.

WIth love,
The WoM Team.
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Development plans and future updates
Everybody is aware that the team has been focusing on resolving the core issues we have been facing ever since the start of the server. Believe it or not, issues that we would only be aware of with a great amount of players online simultaneously.

These situations took a lot of dev-ish time, thus, for the second season of the server we are planning to introduce mostly quality of life features, as well as fixes, and whatnot.

As such, the following points are planned to be addressed, progressively, this season:
  • Of course, new season pass coming with a new costume and hairstyle
  • New pet and mount
  • Rally of Rebellion
  • Limitation of the number of game instances
  • Improvements on the game events
  • Expansion of the translation system
  • Expansion of the player-block feature
  • Miscellaneous & Others
    • This represents minor things like bugfixes and changes to the current state of the game, including a couple of accepted suggestions that we might be able to append into the list.


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Rally of Rebellion
We all know how Nation Wars run. We can always predict the result and the winner.
The dynasties are unbalanced right now; Bojon is way much more crowded than Jeongbog and this is a problem, because the prize of winning this event goes always to the same group of players.

The Rally of Rebellion feature boosts the damage of the dynasty that lost the last event. Said boost is as much as how many wars a dynasty has lost.

In other words, and providing a real example: on the next NW, Jeongbog will have three times as much boost damage.

Limitation of the number of game instances
Kind of a controversial topic lately. How many accounts can I have running simultaneously? Just, how many are good enough not to risk a ban?
We are disallowing more than three* accounts, for the time being, although we may modify it slightly if required.

That being said, surpassing the limit means the system has been broke. Therefore, the Game Masters are free to act against such action and punish whoever did so.

*five now.
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Two quick clarifications:
  1. The limitation is now set to 5.
  2. Rally of Rebellion does not multiplies the damage by 3. There is a little boost of the damage gained everytime a dynasty loses a NW in a row, said boost is the one that increases. Say the boost is of 300. Next time will be 600, then 900, and so on.


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Eradication of the seasonal updates
We concluded this approach is not the best for a server like WoM3.
As some of you may know, the season concept usually brings a huge update in the game, with a lot of new content, fixes and modifications. However, we are forced to remove that slice of it, as the server needs attention much more frequently, and updates have to be done regularly in order to keep our community playing the game.

To avoid misconceptions: we are only getting rid of the content part of the seasons. The passes and the PvP side of it - which is coming within the next update - are maintained still.


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Events Re-work
Armed with motivation and your feedback, we decided it's about time to do some event's rework and one of them is already on it's way! We aim to have innovative , more practical events, with more and better rewards just for you! Some of these events will have only rewards pool changed, while others will meet some bigger changes, such as improved mechanics, simply the way it's held (or both). We hope you will like these changes that'll come over time to help you escape from the monotony of everyday life and have some fun and all that while earning some juicy rewards in game as well!

First on the list is Golden Frog event!
Yes, you read it right, now you can actually search for a real Golden Frog out there instead of Game Master disguised in this amphibian! While there was only one or two frogs per map before, now you can find more of them giving more players a higher chance to find it. Enjoy it!

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Suggestion humanum est.

As a great philosopher has once said, I think. At least I hope he said it cause we've been tinkering away at implementing some of your suggestions! We're always keen to read what you have on your mind. Though sometimes making things a reality for you can be a bit of transformative work in the example of the suggestion to split offline time gained from fishing and mining where the key message we received was that the general rates could use some tweaking in the player's favor so we did that instead, in fact that one is already available to you all! Another time we have to discard parts of a suggestion that we don't think fits but can use some parts of it like this suggestion to change some things about the DT, while this isn't available yet it's coming very soon! - Speaking of suggestions of yours you'll be able to enjoy very soon, we also made some of these here happen cause of John, frick John! Who wants to read what John says? Frick him. PMs are not enough for John. Get rid of him in call chat too! (I apologize if anyone is called John and thinks I mean him I'm just kidding here!)

Keep it up in our suggestions forum! We might not always have time to respond (I'm really trying here but making things happen does take a lot of time!) but we always make sure to read, listen and steer the ship in the right direction.

Much love,
from your WoM Team
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