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Summer Event 2019!


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Hot Damn,

The Summer event is here and we know you are melting for rewards!

Starting from today 12th July at 21:00 CEST players will be able to drop Ice Cream from monsters which can be exchanged at Octavio for a cool Frozen Box at the rate of 5x Ice Cream for 1x Frozen Box.
Make haste and drop as many Ice Creams as possible to unlock the second phase of the event which will trigger when the total drop of Ice Creams will reach the count of 10.000, then you will also get Half-Watermelon and Half-Coconut from the mobs which will invigorate your characters.

- Players under level 20 can't drop Ice Cream or Fruits from monsters.
- If the level difference between monsters and players is higher than 10 levels than the drop of the Ice Cream is 0%.
- The Event items can not be traded.

This event will last until 26th July at 21:00 CEST, fair warning about the Half-Watermelon and Half-Coconut, these tasty fruits will turn bad quickly and we will have to remove their remains on 23rd of September.

Have Fun,
The WoM3 Team
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To see how many Ice-creams you, as a Dynasties, have collected, make a visit to Harang