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Safezone around Storekeeper an Generals Store in Red Kingdom


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Green Kingdom has almost everywhere a safe zone.

Greens keep coming in red kingdom an killing all AFK at Storekeeper and General Store.
Absolutely unfair and annoying.

Why not add safe zone around this area?



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+1 - Already talked about this in another thread before - No action was taken.

About the safe zone at the general store - The problem there, is that the Players decided to set up their shops, instead of putting the shops the right place here:
Red = The main place for shops.
Blue = The second options to set up shops with a safe zone as well

(That's just my opinion about it)

I differently think there should be set up a safe zone at Storekeeper as it is in Bojon.

To solve the problem at the general store, I think the TEAM should move all the shops up to the main place for shops, instead of making more safe zones

Let's wait for a reply from them 🤞


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An other option is to move the 3 main npcs.

Like General Store ; Storekeeper and Blacksmith.

move them to the blue safezone like marked above... the shops wille move also there


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The whole problem with shops being created near the General Store and Blacksmith was only bcs in the beggining that was the "main" place for players.
On WoM2 almost all shops were in the normal (And bigger spot ) and some of them near the Storekeeper.

I would introduce a safe zone at General Store and Blacksmith and the impossibility to create shop there .
That's how you force players to move their shops in the bigger spot and have a more cleaner map .


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Well, Storekeeper used to stay here:

And the place he is now, it's better in my opinion.

But something that might could work is to flat this place:

And add blacksmith+General store here. And also add the building the blacksmith is standing in front and keep the small building on the picture and add General store in front of that.
Something like this xD:


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a safe zone to storekeeper or not

move players shop to Trade area or not - ( I know it's up to the individual player he wanna set his shop - But the fact that all these shops are so Crowded around 1 little place, near the general store is quite annoying. (My opinion)