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Hello guys, Clairmont here. 😂

I'm coming with a new suggestion that may help new players (and not only).

Without further ado, let's sink into it.

We know about pets that after level 50 you can evolve them into a mount , after evolving you can't increase his level or his status .

I'm suggesting to let the mount receive experience and possibility to increase his status (agression , perception , sturdiness) even after evolving.

Why we should do that ?

1. Players will see the development process actively.

You increased your pet level ? Awesome ! Now you can see an increased dmg .
You made lvl 6 Agression? Awesome! Now you can see an increased dmg.

It's hard for a new player to understand that in order to be able to use his mount , he'll need to make lvl 85+ Agression lv 10 etc. In the meantime he will use his horse.

2. It's hard for new players

It will be easier for a player to level up , to farm , to MOVE , having a mount . Using it and not the horse , will actually make new players the life easier.
How it is atm , players are forced to remain lvl 42-55 (because after that it's a lot harder to level up the pet -> maybe at 90+ lemures) in order to level up the pet . It's hard for them to do that with a horse and without G/P skills and decent/good equipment.

3. Maybe players will not remain anymore low level until they have pet done .

Having the possibility to fight from a mount while the mount receives exp will give players more mobility . They'll have the option to level up while they're progressing (farming stones , level up their chars etc) .

Maybe with a little push of EXP for characters between 60-89 will make things a lot better.

Tell me your opinion about that.



This is a good idea and I like it. At the moment I am level 42 and have G fear and G enchanted blade (sura). The only reasons I am staying at 42 is because I want to make a better gear and to level up my pet as easily as possible. I will not level up much even if I manage to get a better gear because I already have a decent one. The biggest difference in damage (not talking about P enchanted blade, I am working on that) will be the mount. It will help a lot if I could use the mount since it is level 50 and still be able to raise its level.
I believe this change could shift things a little bit and make people want to level up more.


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I like the idea. If it seems to easy to have a pet then, it could be done that it levels slower when evolved, so if some people really want to level their pet fast they keep it unevolved.
I also got anothe idea through this. We could change the pet system so instead of levling the pet you do questlines (like military horse but not as repetitive). Then when you finish a questline the pet gets to the next "stage" and you can give it status points like with our chars (vit etc.)


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I like the idea as well.
I am a level 97 sura and my pet is still level 79, simply because at the time I needed the pet damage/defence. Money is easier to make than leveling the pet up.
Of course, now I can level it up at higher levels but as a lower level it was very, very hard.

Also, I would go even further and say that having a second pet (khan, monkey like on official) would also be kind of interesting.
I enjoyed that kind of pet system where I have played and it could come really handy if you ask me.
Of course, I realize that this is very hard to implement and maybe not possible, and in that case, Clairmont's suggestion is the best option.


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Your post TL;DR: Make it easier for new players.

Having an in-game thing to tell them exactly that, or even the whole forum guide would be great too.. continuing.
For (up to) 300 damage and same ammount of armor, it is supposed to be difficult because the rewards are huge. It is true that it's very difficult indeed, just let new players know.
"How it is atm , players are forced to remain lvl 42-55 (because after that it's a lot harder to level up the pet -> maybe at 90+ lemures) in order to level up the pet . It's hard for them to do that with a horse and without G/P skills and decent/good equipment."
And worse, it's no trivial task for a level 42/55 to make his pet 55 . It's even over 25% more difficult after your pet reaches 60, compared to level 50. And the trend continues on and on, making it even more difficult.

The whole fantasy of this "pet" idea is being able to ride one, walk fast, go places and do stuff you've never been able to before, but now the system is punishing us for doing exactly that. Up to a point that this hellish grind makes people can shortly quit after getting it at the max status, because it took so many hours to do until the end point for maximum status.
On WoM2, where the system was first implemented, level 42/55 people could reach easily 60-80% Arachnid bonuses. Now, with cascading system, things are not the same. Farming for XP in the same spot is substantially more difficult. Unfair.

It makes sense that you can't feed him potions after you evolved him, "they don't have the same effect, he is so much bigger", but for experience being experience, I believe our pets should be able to get better. For example, imagine a level 50 Warrior that can't level anymore, because he has the best gear. Or, in spite of that.

TL;DR: Make at least pets able to get XP after being evolved, there is no downside, unless dopamine counts. #freeourpets
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I like the idea as well! It will make it much more easier for low level players and also for high ones since they can just level up whilst having their pet evolved and still able to gain exp for it, AMAZING IDEA ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


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We have our own ideas, and indeed the leveling of the pet has turned into a burden overtime.

Personally, I do like this one too. I don't know for sure if it will be a thing exactly how the OP suggested, but we will definitely address this issue and look for modifications in the sense of making this easier and more enjoyable.

As such, since the suggestion meets the same objective as our goals, can consider it as accepted!


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I am lvl 95, still riding a horse, simply because I did not want to stay low lvl for a mount.
This suggestion is amazing and WILL push people to lvl up.. Since the cascading system IS meant to push ppl to lvl up, this mount change will push them to go even further beyond. (And yes, that was a dbz reference)