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Offline Shop Rework - Temporarily, for sale.


will be completed in ~30 minutes. pressed wrong button completed
As per request #2 for Haruo via the discussion of The removal of offline time, I posted this. Make sure to consider it before January ends.

Keeps the items in shop long enough so everything in them is at a relevant price for not too long, instead of adding it and forgetting about it(like right now). This system/idea is inspired from another MMORPG (Blade & Soul).
Here is how it would work, compared to now:
First, you don't farm for more offline time. Instead..
Each item expires after 48/72 hours (counted in real time), then removed automatically from your shop. (That item is moved into a space similar to Item Shop where you can redeem it any time).
-You can still remove an item any time and change the price.
-You can still add as many items as spaces as available right now

How this helps the average player: You can go away from the PC knowing your item could be sold. You have a hugely increased chance of the item you search to exist for sale. You can keep yourself from logging in each day especially for the shop or keep your PC open to have the option to sell things in shop. There is a low chance items at astronomical(Fake shops) or old prices to exist => better, more accurate prices for everyone. You have a way higher chance of selling an item(since more people see it).
A timer(hours/minutes, depending on duration) until item expires from shop. A different UI. A way for the database to count time for each item without eating too many resources.
Note 1, please?: Add text in the corner of the shop window, anything that shows the current coordinates in map1.
Note 2, please?: Why not open a shop without a bundle, if you get a new UI? (remove the bundle already!)

What not to do:
-Any time less than 48 hours.
-Less than 10! 15-20 spaces for the expired items before you stop them from adding any additional items.

The idea can be expanded:
-Ticket - using this item, you can expand an item's shop time by [12h], up to (86h or smth). Should not be more common than the Metin Compass at the Halloween event.
Extra: Bonus space ticket( someone bribed the trader!)
Extra: On this added item, there is no tax (someone bribed the trader!)
-Every item added requires a tax of 10 yin OR 1% of the chosen price in yin.

Don't allow for less than 40-50 items at a time. This game is perfectly saturated with the huge number of items.
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