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Make WoM3 a race server for 1month


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Well, the team should think about a thing at least to profit from wom and a better way to help the players, if they want to play wom2 after like transforming wom3 in a race server for the period of 1st february to 1st march. This could be done by introducing a new coin on item shop and adding some achivements in the game and based on completing the achivements players can receive coins, The mission can be done for both high and low levels to help everyone. And at the end people can buy from a special shop with this coins different things like pots for pet, sculptures for beta, changers, adders, marbles, team can chose. Also most of them should be non-tradable from this shop or if tradable but a lot more costly. Like being able to buy some items maybe.
Now some possibility for the mission, maybe mission could have some ranks from 1-5:
1. Reach lvl 30-60-90-105-110 ( Rank 1-2-3-4-5): Coins 5-10-20-50-70
2. KIll earth dragons 1-3-5-10-30: Coins 10-20-30-50-100
3. Kill Azrael 1-5-10-20-50: Coints 5-10-20-30-50
3. KIll Ice Witch etc
4. Win Dojang 1-2-3-4-5 Coins 10-20-30-40-50
5. Respond correct to 10-20-30-40-50 OX questions
6. KIll Oberork 3-5-10-30-50 Coins 3-5-10-15-20
So these mission can create some fun and conpetition during this period because at the moment why should wom3 players even log in on the server ? Also even other players who havent played yet could enter the competition and why not get some items for the start on wom2, anyway they wont be able to do too many quests. Also there should be some rules like not being able to do it with more than 1 account on the same ip or if doing in a pt, only for the party leader does the point for the mission count.


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Or,put in shops items with 100% avg, 100%hh, all level items-insta make P/levels xD,atleast let uss have fun xD
I guess you didnt get the idea so if you want to comment something useful, say it that way, nobody said anything about op weapons or some stuff that doesst exist..


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i did get it,u didnt get it,the server closes,why would someone rush for something on it? just let the remaining players have fun lol