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Rejected Increase selling itiems rate to 5x

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In my oppinion if you want to keep 600 players alive, you need to increase all selling itiems to npc's by 5x times like you did in wom2, do it as fast as possible, not then when there will be 200 left :mad:, and question: when you will include accepted suggestions?


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Bad idea, then people will ask for the same items price x 5 !
Or maybe you need more yin for buying more red potion?


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This is the best idea to kill the market in medium/long term.
WoM3 doesn't lack pure Yin , it never had.
5x times more Yin will mean in medium term , 5x times more expensive items. No one wants that .
For a healthy economy , no one should influence it .


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Or change the whole system change the weapons and armors with idk *piece of gold* and make it stackable until 200x pieces still have to unlock the inventory...and you don`t have to go map1 to sell the items and so stole some time to farm more..


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We are currently working on improving the PvM balance and farming methods.
Adding more and more Yin is not the solution we need now.

Rejected & Closed.
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