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How was the Golden Frog event ?


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Hello guys,

i would like to see opinions and feedback from you about how the Golden Frog event from 11th of July was, basically how you find it compared with the old version of it if you know how it was and any kind of other feedback (ex. about rewards).



It was better than old version but I think this event should be removed completely. I was online at that time and tried to find some frog with my warrior at valley and desert and I couldn't find even one and I'm using a lion mount so if you think about a player using horse, its close to impossible to find one frog compared to other players who are using their pets as a mount.


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This way is much better than before. 500 players running around like chickens for only 5 to win. That is not a way to make people play.
It is much better like this.

I hope you will remake the Primal law as well, since you made that event only for that 105 shaman :). You have a lot of events for high pvp players, you made another one just for them.


Time Problem thats why i missed it.

Most Events and Quests are just a Pain for me...they Keep ya away from what you wanna do and if you dont do them for what ever reason others gain more.

like frog and box drop Events...
why not add a Special Thing to start the Event and it is invisible for others… 24h to activate it then its gone