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fishing pole and season pass...


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Upgrading fishing pole gives you higher chance to catch rare fish and so does season pass. However, more variety in fish means you can't just wait 2 secs and boom carp.

Someone please tell me how is it worth buying season pass and upgrading fishing pole? If all u wanna do is profit from fish?


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At the moment it is not worth to buy season pass or upgrading your rod if you just want short term profit.
Season pass = fewer amount of fish you catch (fewer minows, less clams)
Higher rod = fewer minows (fewer mystery boxes)


Fishing system is broken. No matter how good your rod if you don't have a season pass, you will NEVER get a rare fish. I was fishing for about 1 month without season pass and never get any of them but tried only 10 mins with a season pass, now i have some eels.