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Effects icon bug


Hi everybody!

I noticed several times and with different accounts that the effect icons (top left) are not working properly.
The temporary ones such (Purple potion, green potion, blessing, reflect, fear, enchanted blade, aura, etc) are bugged as the timmer is not correct.
Usually the skills or buffs dissapear before the icon.

An example: I dramatically reduce my movement speed but the icon on the top left says (30 seconds left) but the real effect is already gone and i can even use the potions again which end on an accumulation of that 30 secs + another 10 mins of the potion so at the end it could say "2 minutes left" when already the buff is gone.
Same with the AOS for example, the icon says "20 seconds left" when you are seeing that the AOS has terminated.

Cheers !