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Does metins lvl 50 and 55 drop soul stones?


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I have been farming lvl 45 metins for some weeks now and they dont drop soul stone even though wiki says they do. So i want to know if lvl 50 and 55 do drop so i can farm.


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Hello yes it drops soul stone, the chaos metins from them also have SS drop. As for the thief gloves it does affect the drop.


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The chance of droping soul stones at 45+ metin stones it's lowered indeed . I've farmed from the beggining on the server and I didn't droped more than 3 soul stones from over 400 metin stones . And those 3 soul stones were on 85 metin stones .


from the start of the server till now haven't drop a single SS from NormaL metins (farming lvl55-90metins) and i've been playing with season pass + gloves


ive got the same Problem... but

i seen a shop weeks ago selling a pack of 100 soulstone for a very big Price...

so the Question is what did we/ i miss and how can a lvl 18 Player max his skill before going on?^^


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You can't farm Soul Stones on your level, you will have to buy them.

You can try Bestial Captain but I can't promise anything.


i tryed Bestial Captain because he is easy and wiki or Forum sayed ...there is a Chance... to low Chance for my luck ;)


after the patch with soulstone drop rate a lvl 55 metin Stone droped a soulstone ...but i helped some to lvl up and the drop went that way ...so i Count 1 drop so far…..;(