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Christmas Event 2019

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Ho Ho H.. *cough* *cough* Ho!

Christmas is almost here guys! Lights are up, food smells good, we are just missing some snow and a festive event!
Let's have both then!

Christmas Stockings

Any of you remember the last time you collected Stockings to place them on your Christmas Tree? Now it's the time to do it again!
Monsters will be dropping Christmas Stockings
. Collect as much as you can, so you can exchange them for a Fancy Gift Box
on the Christmas Tree

Octavio's Christmas Cookie Craze

Gordon Rams... I mean, Octavio's Christmas Cookies are back! The best cook in the Johwan Continent is eager to prepare delicious sweets! But... His recipe has been stolen!
Retrieve Stolen Baking Recipes
from any monster and get enough ingredients to bake your own Christmas Cookies
, Octavio will make sure you have the rest you need!
Make use of our interactive minigame! A trick for a successful bake is to hold the cursor over the baking button, but don't let it be for too long, or you might burn your cookies!


That's right guys, while the Christmas Event is active you will be able to gift random players in the game! It's just a part of the Christmas Spirit, if you gift others, you might receive a gift in exchange as well! And... it's fun!

You are free to get Fancy Gift
and Gift Bundle
from the Item Mall. Using them in the game, will deliver random gifts to any of the online players! But hold on a minute!
Being kind enough to the point of gifting several players in a row will save a reward for yourself!

Stay tuned for more information about the event!

With love,
The WoM Team!


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Christmas event is ON, ok, but where are those cool costumes and pets?

These weeks will be full of surprises for you because this is not everything you'll get.
Except the cool things we already added and the reworked tombola, we will split everything in 3 phases:

- Phase 1 - Today: Adding the Christmas costumes, PvM boosters (Lollipop, Amulet, companions) and many other things!
- Phase 2 - Friday (20-12): Some new things will be added, just keep an eye on IS! 👀
- Phase 3 - (24 and 25 December): Our Christmas gift for you! 🎅

That being said, we wish you some wonderful weeks here, with us! ❤


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Christmas Event
16.12 - 03.01

Christmas Stockings

Exchange 50x Christmas Stockings at the Christmas Tree (First town - 370,690) to get a Fancy Gift Box.
You can also exchange 500x Christmas Stockings + Pet Seal for a Secondary Pet Seal.
You need to be at least Level 30 to drop event items.​

Bonuses of Pets:
  • Strong against Monsters +5%
  • Moving Speed +10%
  • Duration: 7 hours
    • Time goes down only when pet is summoned.

Octavio's Christmas Cookie Craze

Just press a "Bake" button for 5-10 seconds (you need to find the exact time)​
Every attempt will cost you:
  • 1x Christmas Egg
  • 125x Christmas Sugar
  • 100x Christmas Butter
  • 250x Christmas Flour
Types of cookies:
  • Christmas Cookie (Burnt)
    • Strong. vs Mobs +3% for 7 minutes
  • Christmas Cookie (Normal)
    • Strong. vs Mobs +3% for 10 minutes
  • Christmas Cookie (Excellent)
    • Strong. vs Mobs +5% for 15 minutes


  • Snowbell Seal
    • Price 12DC/hour
    • Bonuses:
      • Strong Against Monster +5%
      • Max. HP +1000
      • Chance of critical hit +8%
  • Sir Oswald
    • Soon™
  • Snowflake Seal
    • Price 12DC/hour
    • Bonuses:
      • EXP +25%
      • Max. HP +1000
      • Strong against Monster +5%

  • Snowy Young Wolf Seal, Snowy Young Tiger Seal, Snowy Young Lion Seal, Snowy Young Boar Seal
    • Price 8DC/hour
    • Bonuses:
      • Strong against Monster +5%
      • Moving speed +10%
      • Christmas Stockings drop bonus

Reindeer Mount Skin (Xmas R) & Reindeer Mount Skin (Xmas G) - 80 DC

Fierce Reindeer Seal - 200DC
Reindeer Mount Skin (White), Reindeer Mount Skin (Xmas), Reindeer Mount Skin (Dark) - 80 DC



Other costumes:
Blue Santa Hat/Hood - 125 DC
Blue Winter Robe/Dress - 250 DC
Red Santa Hat/Hood - 125 DC
Red Winter Robe/Dress - 250 DC
Red Avalon Helmet - 105 DC
Red Avalon Armour - 210 DC
Santa's Elves Outfit (Green) - 210 DC
Santa's Elves Hat (Green) - 105 DC
Santa's Elves Outfit (Red) - 210 DC
Santa's Elves Hat (Red) - 105 DC

Amulet & Lollipop
Enchanted Amulet
  • Duration: 7 Days - real time
  • Price 110DC
  • Bonuses:
    • +10% Strong vs Monsters
    • +15% EXP
    • +1000 HP

Enchanted Lollipop
  • Duration: 7 Days - real time
  • Price 111DC
  • Bonuses:
    • +10% Critical attack
    • +15% Gold drop rate
    • +5% Double drop


  • Fancy Gift - 6 Magic Coins (one gift)
  • Gift Bundle - 12 Magic Coins (three gifts)

Using them in the game, will deliver random gifts to any of the online players!​
You have a chance to get:
  • Red Festive Robe
  • Green Festive Robe
  • Christmas Beret Red/Hood Red
  • Christmas Beret Green/Hood Green

Event NPC
You can find her around Christmas Tree (365,700). Open her shop and buy several pushes:
  • Tiger/Dragon Accessories
  • Nectars+
  • Palms of Critical/Pierce
  • Green Potion(L)
  • Chinese Fire Cracker
  • 200x Vitality Ore
  • Leopard Pill
  • Haste Potion
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It's good to have new clothes on the New Year's Eve. It's a well known thing. :sneaky:
That's why we thought it's a good idea to present our new Penumbral Costumes and also our little Sir Oswald . They'll be available for a limited time only so make sure you get them NOW!

P.s.1: Think it as a good investition either, the price always get's higher in time 👀.
P.s.2: We will also have a package where you can buy everything much cheaper! 🥰

WoM3 ItemShop



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On 26 December we will hold a special edition event! The funny thing is YOU'LL DECIDE it.
Either way the Christmas Edition will offer you MORE metins or MORE bosses than ever!

You can vote on our Facebook page or on Discord (Announcements) :

- Facebook poll
- Discord

And that's not everything. We have planned mini-events the whole week. Just stay tunned.
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23.12/24.12/25.12 - Gift Bundle Giveaway

During the whole day, game masters will send you random gifts!

26.12 - 19:00 - Winter Edition of Metin Rain
Vote and decide!
- Facebook poll
- Discord

27.12 - +50% EXP Rates for 48h after Fox Hunt
100% for the 1st Place
75% for the 2nd Place

28.12 at 19:00 - Invasion of the Christmas Blacksmiths

CH1 - High Levels
CH2 - Medium Levels
CH3 - Low Levels

29.12 at 18:00 - OX Event Winter Edition

- 5 OX Rounds;
- More winners.

30.12 at 19:00 Pirate Tanaka - Winter Edition

Instead of Tanakas we'll spawn Santa Claus with drop related to the Christmas event.

Merry Christmas!
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Santa comes earlier for you! You can buy DC with 15% bonus until tomorrow night (25 Dec 23:59)! 😄
Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping! ♥
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