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    Nemere rewards

    300hours +/- only for unlocking tiers. And what should we do after we unlocked it? Having pvp? Against who if there arent that much players?
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    Nemere rewards

    Did more 8 runs, i got only 40x frozen insects. Tier II - 250 Frozen Insects Tier III - 500 Frozen Insects Tier IV - 1250 Frozen Insects Abnormal numbers....
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    Dungeon's timer

    Add better timer in dungeon's. Where we could see correct time and we wont need to check time in info.
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    I can use couple ring to get out of nemere, that should be not allowed!!!!!!
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    v6.1 Update - Discussion Thread

    We already had 20% pierce And we could not slot ores in Alraune's accessories
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    Nemere rewards

    I thinking that nemere becoming useless as never. I mean u need spend a lot of hours to grind it, to obtain lotus flowers, and unlocking tiers, so far i did like 5 x runs and i obtained only 38 x frozen insects (Not because of mine bussines). For example only for unlocking tier2 u need to grind...
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    Forum Lottery (18.11 - 24.11)

    Name in-game: Gankster Numbers: 6 17 25 32 34 30
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    The Advent Calendar

    As we known the magical time is coming, im talking about (christmas, new years). It would be great to get an advent calendar for season pass owners, so with each day joined in game we could get an special little gift, and it would be nice to see an a simple window with calendar where we can open...
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    Forum Lottery (04.11 - 10.11) NEW RULES

    Name in-game: Gankster Numbers: 6 15 22 40 3 35
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    Forum Lottery (21.10 - 27.10)

    Name in-game: Gankster Numbers: 23, 47, 39, 42, 19, 28
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    Rejected Low lvl itiems that arent that popular

    I wanted to say, not boost SP bonus just change it with other bonus which could be better then old ones, boost these who are fine and who are crap just change with other, in my opinion AV or DEF would be best option but its not mine decision to say and btw there is a lot more great bonus to...
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    Rejected Low lvl itiems that arent that popular

    We need to boost some low level accessories because we have too much unused and not that popular itiems, by the way, bonus cascading system made them unused even more, so i think if you boost them, more players maybe start to use them. I mean on half of metioned itiems ( i type them down). I...
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    Metin compass

    Add Metin stones compass to itiemshop